Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS)

Supported aircraft types

Use “ALL_ACFT” if you only need one stopline for all aircraft types.

If you want to assign aircraft groups or individual types to different stoplines, you can use the following groups, subgroups and type ID as shown in the table below.

Important rule:

You can not have “overlapping” groups, for example if you define “ALL_LARGE” to one stopline, you can’t define “BOEING_LARGE” to an other stopline! That’s because “BOEING_LARGE” is a subgroup of “ALL_LARGE” and SODE will not be able to assign the correct stop position to a B747 for example, since it has two stoplines to choose from.

You can of course split the large aircraft types into “BOEING_LARGE” and “AIRBUS_LARGE” as they are in the same group level (blue) and assign those groups to different stoplines.

Exception to this general rule: You can assign single aircraft types to other stopline(s) if necessary. For example you have a stopline for all large aircraft “ALL_LARGE” but need a separate stopline for the B747, then you can define “B747” to this separate stopline. SODE will prioritize individual aircraft type stop positions over group assignments.

Here is an illustration of the hierarchy of the group designators:

Here is the table listing all group and subgroups with their individual aircraft designators: