<TriggerableAnimation Input="TextMenu" Action="Open,Close" StartKF="0" EndKF="100" Duration="4"/>

<TriggerableAnimation Input="TextMenu" Action="Proximity,40" StartKF="0" EndKF="100" Duration="4"/>
<TriggerableAnimation Input="TextMenu" Action="Open,Close" StartKF="0" EndKF="100" Duration="4" IgnoreRadiusFilter="Yes"/>

With sound file:

<TriggerableAnimation Input="TextMenu" Action="Open,Close" StartKF="0" EndKF="100" Duration="4">
    <Sound FileName="SFX_SirenLoop.wav" Loop="Yes" MinDistance="20" MaxDistance="500"/>
  • Input=”TextMenu”: Currently the only one supported input method is TextMenu.
  • Action=”XXX,YYY”: Pair of strings describing the triggerable actions.
    The appropriate string is shown in the in-game text menu along with the SimObject name and an identifier “[A]” refering to an animation.
  • Action=”Proximity,NNN”: Proximity Switch that triggers animation when user-aircraft is within the defined radius NNN [meters]
  • StartKF=”N”: Integer, defining the start keyframe
  • EndKF=”N”: Integer, indicating the last keyframe
  • Duration=”T”: Integer, setting the duration of the animation in seconds.
  • IgnoreRadiusFilter=”XXX”: String of {Yes,No}. Flag to respect/ignore the trigger radius filter used for the in-game text-menu listing (Radius 12km). This gives the SimObject a larger range for example to be activated (airport lighting). However, the upper limit is 24km imposed by the SimBubble!

Caution: The keyframe attributes and the duration must match the values defined in the modeldef.xml PartInfo entry used for this model!


The TriggerableAnimation node currently enables one single animation of the model to be controlled by the user either by the in-game text menu or by a proximity switch identical to the TriggerableVisibility implementation.

The keyframe data and the duration information is used internally by SODE to calculate start and stop events of the animation. These events are further used by:

  1. The SoundEngine to flag play and stop of the wave file.
  2. The part visibility variable to show parts of the model or an attached object/effect of that model