<TriggerableVisibility> Basic

<TriggerableVisibility Input="TextMenu" Action="Turn On,Turn Off" VisibleOnLoad="No"/>
<TriggerableVisibility Input="TextMenu" Action="Proximity,75" VisibleOnLoad="Yes"/>

<TriggerableVisibility Input="TextMenu" Action="Turn On,Turn Off" VisibleOnLoad="Yes" IgnoreRadiusFilter="Yes"/>
  • Input=”TextMenu”: The only supported input method for the basic functionality is “TextMenu”.
  • Action=”XXX,YYY”: Pair of strings describing the triggerable actions.
    The appropriate string is shown in the in-game text menu along with the SimObject name and an identifier “[V]” refering to a visibility control.
  • Action=”Proximity,NNN”: Proximity Switch that toggles display when user-aircraft is within the defined radius NNN [meters]
  • VisibleOnLoad=”XXX”: String of {Yes,No}. Flag to determine if the object is to be displayed per default or not.
  • IgnoreRadiusFilter=”XXX”: String of {Yes,No}. Flag to respect/ignore the trigger radius filter used for the in-game text-menu listing (Radius 12km). This gives the SimObject a larger range for example to be activated (airport lighting). However, the upper limit is 24km imposed by the SimBubble!

Caution: Make sure that the string does not contain a whitespace after the comma!

  • NONE

The basic TriggerableVisibility node allows to display an object based on a user-induced trigger fired by an in-game text-menu.