Sample Code

Sample code is provided in the „SODE_Samples.xml“ file. This section highlights the different demo objects.

SimObject „EDP Grenchen“

This is the Environmental Data Probe collecting the ambient conditions at the location it is placed at. It feeds its data to three dependent SimObjects: „Wind Sock“ (Wind Direction and Speed), „Landing Direction T“ (Wind Direction) and „Winter Roof“ (Precipitation).

SimObject „Wind Sock“

Windsock setup with three different models (slow, medium, fast). Each model has a different animation created in your modeling tool representing the behaviour of the windsock at different speeds.
The model selection is defined with the wind speed criterion and is implemented with different speed ranges. All models turn into the wind with the „VariableDrivenRotation“ tag.

SimObject „Landing Direction T“

This represents a ground installation showing the landing direction (the T forms an arrow, indicating the direction for landing of the runway in use) according to the current wind sensed at the data probe.
Here, the selection is made with the wind direction criterion, covering the appropriate heading sectors of the runway heading.
5.4 SimObject „Static House“ and „Winter Roof“
The „Static House“ is just a static model. The „Winter Roof“ model sits on top of the static house in  during day 330 until day 365 and from day 0 to day 60 in combination with actual snowfall. This is to demonstrate the use of boolean logic among multiple conditions (day of year and precipitation).

SimObject „Seasonal Object based on Texture Variation“

This object shows seasonal variation that is implemented in the texture (Case 1 as described on page 10). The model always stays the same! Here, the distinction is simply made with the month of year value. For fine tuning, you may use the day of year parameter to properly synchronize with the FSX season changes.

SimObject „Animated Hangar 1“ and „Animated Hangar 2“

Hangar 1 becomes visible within 100m and opens its door as soon as you penetrate into the 60m radius.
Hangar 2 is shown by default and can be hidden by user action. Also, the opening of the door is triggered by the user. Hangar 2 showcases the new sound feature and plays a opening/closing sound. A green box represents the model part visible during forward animation, the red one during reverse animation. The visibility flags can be used for attached effects for example.

SimObject “PCL”

The default Runway Lighting at LSZG is disabled by a custom AFX file. A custom runway lighting is modelled and activated through the aircraft radio on frequency 120.900MHz. Keying the push-to-talk 3 times activates the low intensity lights, 5 times the medium ones, and 7 times the high intensity lights. The countdown timer is set to 1 minute, after which the lights will turn off.

SimObject „Random Objects“

This SimObject shows the possibility to switch between various models by user action. Object 1 additionaly always points (3D) towards the user-aircraft, whereas Object 2 turns (2D) towards the user-aircraft.

SimObject „Demo PAPI Housing“

Static object representing the four housings, aligned with the runway heading.

Group „PAPI Lights“

Group representing the four PAPI lights. The group demonstrate the ability to turn all lights off and on by user input (Pilot controlled lighting). The individual lights are tuned for the different approach slopes through Separation Planes and aligned with the runway heading.