<SimObject Name="EDP KXXX">
  <Placement ... Alt="NNN.NN" .../>
  <Model SimTitle="12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe">
     <EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="My SimObject;Wind Sock RWY 07"/>
  • ClientList=”XX;YY;ZZ”: Semicolon-separated string of SimObject names (Name=”XX” attribute). Defines the list of objects that need data from the probe.

The so called environmental data probe is a specialized SimObject that provides data to other SimObjects. It is invisible and collects environmental data at the specific location it is placed at. It distributes that data to its „clients“. Think of it as a object full of sensors that drives a number of peripheral objects hooked up to it.

In theory, it would be possible to implement some sort of transmissometer with this concept to provide multiple RVR (Runway Visual Range) information along a runway (three data probes) or to drive individual wind socks at each end of the runway (two data probes). Unforntunately, FSX does not offer such a granularity in its weather engine, so it is sufficient enough to only place one single data probe at an airport and link all the dependent objects to it.

The „ClientList“ attribute consists of a semicolon-separated string of SimObject names (as defined in the „Name“ attribute of the „SimObject“ node).

▲Note: For the placement, the altitude value must be set as an absolute value! Values defined as AGL are not allowed!

As of V1.3, the SimTitle of the model is called ‘12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe‘ and the corresponding SimObject container is an integral part of any SODE installation! So there is no need to redistribute the data probe SimObject in your add-on.

▲Note: The client list should contain all SimObjects that need data from the probe. That is the case when the SimObjects use particular ConditionalVisibility nodes, such as WindDirection or MetPrecipitation. Refer to the attribute list in the section about ConditionalVisibility.