SODE Folders

Base Module Folder

The SODE module folder can be located anywhere. As of V1.3, it is recommended to install the SODE modules files into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE

This folder holds the module executable (SimObjectDisplayEngine.exe and SimObjectAnimationModule.dll) and a “data” subfolder containing mandatory data files. Do not edit these files in that base folder!

Common Data Folder (Add-on Sceneries)

The folder you will mostly deal with is located at:


This is the common SODE folder for add-ons. It contains several subfolders, most prominent are the “xml” and the “SimObjects” subfolder.

The xml subfolder contains all the xml definition files to be used by SODE.

The SimObjects subfolder holds all the SimObject containers needed by the add-ons.

Also, a couple of configuration files are also placed in the SODE common folder:

  • AircraftExits.ini: Used by Jetway Control System for aircraft door exit locations
  • AircraftParameters.ini: Used by the Jetway Control System for the Hood animation. Holds door geometry parameters
  • SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini: Used to customize certain settings. More details on those settings can be found here.

Also, SODE outputs a SODE.log file in the “log” folder.

▲Caution: Make sure the xml subfolder only contains valid xml definition files. If corrupted xml files are placed in this folder, the module might not be able to load any objects at all.

Commercial Developers

If you don’t want others to see how you implemented a functionality or you want to use an own in-game window showing only your scenery-specific triggerable SimObjects, you need to compile the xml definition file into a custom format called ‘sdx’.

Of course, if you don’t care about hiding implementation details, you may use SODE normally using standard xml definition files.

Please contact me if you wish to use this functionality, as it would need a special file generated by me to unlock that feature for you and a separate xml-to-sdx compiler.