SODE Placer: Custom Designators

Handling of Custom Designators

Custom Designators enable the designer to optionally define own names for their parking stands. The custom names and numbers will be used in SODE’s menu (Tab+S) when the user is selecting the parking position.

If you want to use the default AFCAD/ADE designators for display, you don’t need custom designators.


Step 1: Edit the mapping of AFCAD/ADE to Custom gate names

Double-click on a parking stand symbol to open the “Edit Stand” menu. Before you enable the custom designators, you need to fill out the mapping table first.

Click on the “Edit” button.


Step 2: Define the custom names for each AFCAD/ADE parking group

The “Edit Custom Designator” window lets you define your custom names for every parking group found in your loaded project.

IMPORTANT: Confirm your entry by hitting the “ENTER” key when done editing the custom name!

Once you are happy with your custom names, click “OK”.

To double-check successful saving of your custom name mappings, just click “Edit” again and check your names are still there.


Step 3: Enable Custom Designators

You can now check the “Enable Custom Designator” box. This action will be propagated to each of your parking stand, since this setting is global.

Note that your custom designator should be correctly displayed now in the (non-editable) textfield.

Also note that SODEPlacer has automatically copied the parking number by default. If you want to further customize this, you can edit it freely.

You can disable custom designators by deselecting the tick box again. However, note that customized parking numbers will be lost by this action, as they are not stored. The name mapping will not be deleted and is still available.


This concludes the tutorial.