<ConditionalVisibility> Basic

<ConditionalVisibility Variable="WindDirection" Value="335-154"/>
<ConditionalVisibility Variable="MonthOfYear" Value="JAN-FEB;DEC" />
<ConditionalVisibility Variable="DayOfYear" Value="245-365;0-64" />
<ConditionalVisibility Variable="Time" Value="1800-0600LT"/>
<ConditionalVisibility Variable="AirTemperature" Value="M4-12"/>
  • Variable=”XXX”: Describes the type of condition to inspect. Must be one of the following supported conditions
    • “WindSpeed” : Value as integer [knots], possibility to use “MIN” (=0) or “MAX”, e.g. “MIN-10”, or “30-MAX”
    • “WindDirection” : Value as integer [degrees]
    • “MetVisibility” : Value as integer [meters], possibility to use “MIN” or “MAX”
    • “MetPrecipitation” : Value as string {NONE,SNOW,RAIN}
    • “AirTemperature” : Value as integer [degrees Celsius], possibility to use “MIN” or “MAX”. Negative values need a prefix “M” for minus.
    • “MonthOfYear”: Value as string {JAN,FEB,…,DEC}
    • “DayOfYear”: Value as integer {0,…,365}
    • “DayOfMonth”: Value as integer {1,…,31}
    • “DayOfWeek”: Value as string {MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT,SUN}
    • “Year”: Value as 4-digit integer, e.g. 2016.
    • “TimeOfDay”: Value as string {DAWN,DAY,DUSK,NIGHT}
    • “Time”: Value as  4-digit integer. Default value is UTC (Zulu) Time. If Local Time is needed, add “LT” after the integer!
  • Value=”XXX”: Depending on condition type, see above!
    • Ranges can be expressed using a dash “-“ between two values e.g. “JAN-JUL”.
    • Multiple values can be separated by semicolon “;” e.g. “FEB;MAR;SEP”. This corresponds to an “OR”-Logic.

These conditions require an EnvironmentalDataProbe to be active in the scene. See this section for details.

Caution: Make sure that the value attribute string does not contain any whitespace characters, also in conjunction with ranges and semicolon-separated strings!

  • NONE

The ConditionalVisibility node is used to control when the object is to be displayed in the simulator using defined conditions.