<Placement Lat="47.1821" Lon="7.4188" Alt="1415" Hdg="0.0"/>
  • Lat=”XX.XX”: Latitude in decimal degrees
  • Lon=”XX.XX”: Longitude in decimal degrees
  • Alt=”XX.XX”: Altitude in feet
  • Alt=”X.X#AGL”: Altitude in feet above Ground Level
  • Hdg=”XXX.X”: True heading in decimal degrees
  • NONE

The Placement node provides all data needed to set up the object in the simulator.

As of V1.3.3, multiple placements of the same SimObject is possible in a short-hand notation: Just create multiple <Placement/> nodes. SODE will then change internally the SimObject’s name attribute, i.e. SODE will append #1, #2, etc to the name.