<ConditionalVisibility> Multiple Conditions

<ConditionalVisibility LogicExpression="(A$B)|C|D">
    <Condition ID="A" Variable="WindSpeed" Value="0-10"/>
    <Condition ID="B" Variable="WindDirection" Value="15-175"/>
    <Condition ID="C" Variable="MetVisibility" Value="0-10000"/>
    <Condition ID="D" Variable="MetPrecipitation" Value="RAIN;SNOW"/>
  • LogicExpression=”XXX” (special): String expressing an arbitrary logic function. Used in multi-condition models, see below. The following special characters are used to logically connect the different conditions:
    • OR = |
    • AND = $ (Dollar sign!)
    • NOT = !
    • ( ) Brackets are used to group expressions

Caution: Make sure that the value attribute string does not contain any whitespace characters, also in conjunction with ranges and semicolon-separated strings!


For conditional visibility, it is possible to construct an arbitrary logic relationship between the various conditions. For this, a ConditionalVisibility node with a special „LogicExpression“ attribute  is enhanced with multiple „Condition“ subnodes.