<VariableDrivenRotation Variable="WindDirection" Axis="HEADING" Animated="No"/>

For rotations involving user-aircraft:

<VariableDrivenRotation Variable="UserAircraftPosition" Mode="TURN"/>
<VariableDrivenRotation Variable="UserAircraftPosition" Mode="POINT"/>
  • Variable=”WindDirection”: String. At the moment, only “WindDirection” is implemented.
  • Axis=”XXX”: String {PITCH, BANK, HEADING}. Axis going through the model’s origin to turn about
  • Animated=”XXX”: String {Yes,No}. Flag to indicate if rotation is animated or instantaneous.
  • Mode=”XXX”: String {TURN,POINT}. Used in user-aircraft rotations.
    • TURN rotates model around heading axis (2D) towards the user-aircraft
    • POINT rotates model around heading and pitch (3D) towards user-aircraft
  • NONE

The VariableDrivenRotation node offers a rotation of the object along a defined axis driven by a variable or a rotation towards the user-aircraft. Currently, the only implemented variable is WindDirection.

The rotation to the user-aircraft supports two modes, turn and point. „Turn“ can be seen as 2D planar rotation and „point“ as a 3D rotation (think of a spotlight beam pointing to the user-aircraft).