Trigger System

SODE uses triggers to provide an interface to control SimObject by the user. It is realized through an in-game text menu or with aircraft radio microphone „clicks“.

In-Game Text-Menu

The text menu is normally called with the key-stroke combination “TAB + s” (s for SODE). The old command „SHIFT“ + „-“ is still supported. There is also a possibility of assigning a custom key-stroke combination in the SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini settings file.

To help users identifying the active key combinations, they are shown in the FSX menu at the top in an own menu: “Add-Ons” → “SODE” → “Text-Menu Commands”.

The objects in the list are sorted with respect to their distance to the user-aircraft position. This is done everytime the menu is called. The topmost entry represents the closest object.


Radio Push-To-Talk

To enable SODE to react to radio mike clicks, the user has to map a keyboard/joystick event to a specific command. Here is how to setup that push-to-talk function:

  2. Select BUTTONS/KEYS Tab
  3. Select Event Category “Multiplayer”
  4. Modify “Transmit voice (start) ” and “Transmit voice (stop)” events to your needs (joystick button, key). For realism, make sure the stop event is fired on key release.

The internal Sound Engine of SODE will play a radio effect sound when the transmission event is active.