The module is designed with extensibility in mind. It enables a multitude of developers to add their own implementations without having to compile a custom module each time. The extensibility is provided by XML files defined by the scenery developers.
The XML file, which is described here in more detail, sets up the various scenery object models and describes their type and behaviour.

The module itself reads in all the XML files, filters out models of sceneries that are not active in the FS scenery library and injects SimObjects into FSX. It monitors and controls variables/triggers/states of the various SimObjects and handles their appearance according to the defined behaviour.


The Simulation Bubble

In order to optimize performance, only a fraction of all parsed objects out of the XML files are used in the simulator: They form the group of active objects. A so called „simulation bubble“ with a hard-coded radius of 24km around the user-aircraft position provides the filter to output the active objects. This filter is updated everytime the user position has moved 6km away from the simulation bubble’s center. The position of the latter is then updated and a new group of active objects is injected into the simulator.