<TriggerableVisibility> Radio Mike Controlled

<TriggerableVisibility Input="RadioTX" Activation="7;120.900" TimeParam="5;1" Action="turn on,turn off" VisibleOnLoad="No"/>
  • Input=”RadioTX”: The only supported input method for the radio mike control is “RadioTX”.
  • Activation=”N;FFF.FFF”: Semicolon separated string.
    • N denotes the number of clicks needed to activate/show the model
    • FFF.FFF is the VHF COMM radio frequency to which the model reacts
  • TimeParam=”N;T”: Semicolon  separated string.
    • N stands for the time window period in seconds
    • T defines the countdown timer in minutes.
  • Action=”XXX,YYY”: Pair of strings describing the triggerable actions.
    The appropriate string is shown as a hint in FSX 10 secs before the system is deactivated.
  • VisibleOnLoad=”XXX”: String of {Yes,No}. Flag to determine if the object is to be displayed per default or not.

â–˛Caution: Make sure that the string does not contain a whitespace after the comma!

  • NONE

For the radio transmission feature (e.g. as used in pilot-controlled airport lighting), you must define a radio frequency and time parameters.

It follows the principle used in many U.S. airfields: A defined number of clicks on a particular frequency must be transmitted within a 5 seconds time window. If then the click count enables the system, it will run for a defined time period (count-down). The user can reset that count-down time anytime by retransmitting the needed number of clicks again within 5 secs.