<TargetSim ID="P3Dv3;P3Dv4"/>

Or when nested in <Model/>:
<TargetSim ID="P3Dv3" SimTitle="12bPilot_MyModelSimtitle_P3Dv3"/>
  • ID=”XXX”: Simulator platform ID as string. One of {FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv2, P3Dv3, P3Dv4, P3Dv5}. The ID can be a list of simulator IDs, separated by semi-colons, with no space in between.
  • SimTitle=”XXX”: Model SimTitle as defined in the sim.cfg file. Must correspond exactly to that entry! The SimTitle is only needed when nested within a <Model/> node!
  • NONE

The TargetSim node can define an entire xml file, a certain SimObject or even a specific model to be used for a particular simulator.

There are thus three ways of using this node:

  1. The entire xml file will only be loaded for the specified simulator(s)
  2. An particular SimObject within an xml file will only load for the specified simulator(s)
  3. A SimObject that should always be loaded, but with sim-specific models, e.g. a P3Dv4 SDK compiled model with PBR materials should only be loaded when P3Dv4 is running and a basic model for all older sims.
  • Example for case 1, entire xml file only to be loaded for simulators up to P3Dv3. The TargetSim node is usually the first element in the xml
  <TargetSim ID="FSX;FSX-SE;P3Dv2;P3Dv3"/>
  <SimObject .../>
  <Stand .../>
  • Example for case 2, particular SimObject only shown for P3Dv3 and P3Dv4:
<SimObject Name="My exclusive P3D Object">
    <TargetSim ID="P3Dv3;P3Dv4"/>
    <Placement ... />
    <Model ... />

  • Example for case 3, within a <Model/> node. Note that the “BaseModel” will be loaded for all the other sims, that are not specified explicitly!
<SimObject Name="Specific Models">
    <Placement Lat="47.1827942" Lon="7.4168" Alt="0#AGL" Hdg="000"/>
    <Model SimTitle="12bPilot_BaseModel">
        <TargetSim ID="P3Dv3" SimTitle="12bPilot_SpecialModel_P3Dv3"/>
        <TargetSim ID="P3Dv4" SimTitle="12bPilot_SpecialModel_P3Dv4"/>
        <ConditionalVisibility .../>