SODE Module

Note: SODE requires to have the FSX-SP2/X-PACK SimConnect version installed. For FSX-SE and Prepar3D users that never had FSX installed, that version can be installed manually and is also required for several other 3rd party SimConnect add-ons.

Installation Instructions:

As of Version 1.3, only one SODE installation is needed for the various simulator platforms. It will be installed in a separate directory outside of the simulator’s root folder.

It is recommended to use the default path suggested in the installer.

For previous versions, visit here.

User Guide, Migration Guide

A user guide is available here: 

Detailed instructions for the migration from V1.2.X to V1.3.X can be found here:

Jetway SDK

Documentation and necessary files to create jetways for the SODE V1.3+ module.

New: 3dsMax is also supported!

SODE Demo SimObjects

The samples are now available as a separate download: 

A readme.txt explains the details.

Documentation/Developer Guide

New online version available only on this site!

Modeldef.xml entries also available online.

Migration Guide: 

File/Folder Setup Overview: