<SODE> and <SODE SceneryPath=”Addon Scenery\XYZ”>

<SODE SceneryPath="Addon Scenery\Airport_KXXX">

or without Scenery Library checking:

  • SceneryPath=”XXX” (optional): Relative path to scenery

The xml definition file starts off with the root node „SODE“.

The „SceneryPath“ attribute is used to link the SimObjects with the main scenery, so the path points to the path of your project, relative to the FSX root folder. The attribute is used to determine if the scenery is active in the scenery library of FSX. If the scenery is not active, all the SimObjects set up in this file are ignored by SODE.
If you do not define a SceneryPath attribute, the SimObjects will show up in any case, ignoring the active/inactive state of your scenery in the scenery library.

The xml file is basically made of multiple „SimObject“ subnodes which also can be grouped with the „Group“ node, for objects that share the some common behaviour.