SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini Settings File

The SimObjectDisplayEngine.ini file allows the end user to customize certain settings. The options are explained in the table below:

[General]WatchdogEnable{True;False}Enables/Disables the Connection Watchdog. If the connection to the SimConnect server should cease, the watchdog will terminate SODE. This is to avoid duplicates running in the task manager when restarting the Simulator
[General]JetwaySoundEnable{True;False}Enables/Disables the playing of Jetway Sounds for the User-Aircraft
[General]SecondaryTextMenuHotkeyKey StringOption to have a custom Hot-Key for the in-game text-menu. This must be a valid key string as described in the FSX/P3D SDK! (1)
[General]SoundEngineDisable{True;False}Enables/Disables the custom SoundEngine
[AISystem]DetectionEnable{True;False}Enables/Disables the detection of AI aircraft. Currently used by the Jetway Control System.
[AISystem]JetwaySoundEnable{True;False}Enables/Disables the playing of Jetway Sounds for the AI aircraft

The default setting is:

  • All options enabled, and
  • Secondary Hot Key “SHIFT+-” (SHIFT+VK_MINUS)

The registered secondary hot key command is displayed in the SODE menu in the Simulator together with the ‘Tab+S’ command.


  • (1) A list of supported Key Strings can be found here: P3D SDK. A maximum of two key modifiers (CTRL, SHIFT) + another key is supported, e.g.