SODE V1.6.4 is out!

This release irons out a couple of bugs reported by you, the users. As always, thanks for your reports and your patience while I was trying to fix them. Most of them dealt with missing objects and one of the reported bugs resulted in a re-write of the “heart” of SODE, the object injection loop. I think this iteration of this loop is safe for release now and I’m confident that all objects are now loaded correctly.

The jetway control system also got some upgrades based on user feedback: a completely new way of jetway movement when the angle between the jetway and the aircraft fuselage is somewhat “shallow”. In the past, the jetway would “scrape” along the fuselage as it extended the bridge. Now, the jetway will rotate towards the door as the final step. This works for both user and AI aircraft.

To support add-on aircraft with custom variables for the parking brake and/or beacon states (as used for the automatic jetway triggering based on aircraft system states), SODE now has an interface that is able to query those variables from the aircraft. At the moment, the FSLabs A32X is supported that way.

As always, further clean-up/refactoring of the source code was done to make future development easier.

See the change log for more details: changelog.

Season’s greetings!


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