SODE V1.6.3 released!

Important for GSX users: The latest live update of GSX has somewhat broken its support for SODE V1.6.2. You need to install the newly released SODE V1.6.3.


This SODE release adds the automatic jetway docking resolving feature.
Using this feature, SODE tries to solve the assignment of single or multiple jetways to the available aircraft doors. There is no need for the user anymore to manually assign each jetway to a door.
If successful, SODE will then trigger the jetways sequentially.
To trigger this automatic docking, there are two ways:

  • Manual: Via the SODE text-menu
  • Automatic: Based on aircraft state variables. For docking the parking brake must be set, all engines off and beacon off. For undocking, only the beacon needs to be turned on.

The automatic mode is intended for SimCockpit builders that don’t want to have to use a text-menu or don’t want to use keyboard strokes.
To enable the automatic docking of jetways based on aircraft state, you have to turn this feature on in the SODEPlatformManager -> Settings. Per default, it is set to off.

The other hugely improved feature is the AI aircraft jetway detection, supporting multiple doors and multiple jetways.


Of course, many bugfixes and improvements are also a part of this release. See the change log for more details: changelog.


Thank you to all the various beta testers that have found the time to report back issues and supported me in fixing the bugs.