SODE goes 64-bit! V1.5.3 is available

Update 21JUN17: V1.5.3 should fix all the P3D registration problems and fixes a bug in the object injection loop.

This version supports all the previous sims as well as the new Prepar3D v4.

The way how SODE is integrated in P3D v3 and v4 has been changed to leverage the native ‘add-on.xml’ mechanism of P3D. This ensures that none of the exe.xml, dll.xml and simobject.cfg files are touched! This step should make the SODE install much more robust since it is now in its own ‘sandbox’.

Besides the usual bugfixes a method has been introduced to define sim-specific models in the placement xml. This enables the developer to have all legacy sims still supported while for the new sims, he can take advantage of the latest SDK features in their models. The xml syntax for this new feature is described here: <TargetSim>


Also, the SODE-to-GSX API has been refined and enhanced to enable new features concerning dynamic jetways in GSX. Stay tuned!


At this point, I want to thank you for your continued support and for your donations.

For a detailed listing of the changes, have a look at the changelog.