SODE V1.4.2: Enhancements, bug fixes and better Platform Manager utility

Lots of work was put into the code since the last update. I have finally found a solution to a long standing, annoying bug when using the (secret) AI Traffic detection feature for the jetways. Now I can announce that optional feature to the public ­čÖé It is disabled by default, but you can turn it on if you wish via the new “Settings” window in the Platform Manager.

Speaking of the platform manager, I have tried to make that utility more stable and I am happy with the results now. Nearly all SODE issues reported lately are linked to a incorrect/incomplete installation or configuration of the various exe.xml, dll.xml and fsx.cfg/simobjects.cfg files and not about the SODE module itself. The platform manager will indicate now if such misconfigurations exist for the simulator and will offer a repair function if it can fix those by itself. The SODE.log was extended to store more debug information.

Also, I got rid of the “SHIFT+MINUS” secondary command key by default. By now, everyone should be used to “Tab+S”. If you still need to have a secondary key combination for some reason, you can set that via the new Settings window in the platform manager.

The SODE module itself has got two major enhancements concerning the jetway system. These additions (such as dynamic gate numbers on the jetway) will be featured in upcoming commercial airport packages.

Another new thing is the support of stairs for the T-Type jetway, updated scripts that handle those are also available (Jetway SDK V1.6).

In the downloads section of this site, you will also find the updated User Guide with a 3-step troubleshooting checklist included if you should run into problems…

For a detailed listing of the changes, have a look at the changelog.