V1.3.1: Minor bug fixes, GSX interface and introduction of custom exit data for aircraft add-ons

This version fixes a couple of minor bugs, including the one where the last SimObject of a group is not displayed in the text-menu. Also, some internal changes were made on the Jetway swapping algorithm to make the model swapping barely noticable to the end user.

Moreover, this version is the first public release that includes the initial version of the application programming interface API for GSX. Thanks to this API, GSX is able to communicate with SODE. This enables GSX to control SODE compliant jetways through their GSX menu or automatic routines. SODE in turn benefits from the large aircraft door database of GSX! SODE receives door data from GSX and can use them to position the jetway. You’ll be able to try all this out once GSX is updated.

For users without GSX, I have added an own door database of aircraft exits. In other words, you are not anymore required to edit aircraft.cfg files, SODE will use its own database and falls back to the aircraft.cfg if the aircraft is not (yet) supported by the custom database. This database is meant to be extended for future versions, so if your aircraft is not on the list, make a post in the forum.

The database file resides in C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\AircraftExits.ini if you want to have a look. The entries are in the same format as for the aircraft.cfg.