V1.3.2 improves the SODEPlatformManager.exe

This release introduces a better SODEPlatformManager.exe and a more robust SODE installer:

  • Platform Manager is now able to detect old (V1.2.X and older) installs in the simulator’s root folder. If a previous version is detected, the Platform Manager will remove the respective entries automatically from dll.xml and exe.xml. This ensures that an old SODE version is not loaded by the simulator any longer! Note that the old SODE executable files will still reside in the root folder and would have to be manually deleted.
  • Also, the editing of fsx.cfg and simobjects.cfg has been improved and is much more robust.
  • The Platform Manager is compiled to run as administrator (elevated priviledges) to ensure that registration and activation of SODE is ensured for Prepar3D v3. No need anymore to run it as administrator manually.
  • The installer has been improved to handle the elevated priviledges of the Platform Manager during install and uninstall.
  • SODE: Fixed a program crash concerning AI Detection

As always, please uninstall any previous versions (V1.3.1 and older) before running the V1.3.2 installer.