SODE V1.7.0 is out with overhauled AI jetway engine

Version 1.7.0 contains a lot of internal code changes and bug fixes. The most notable one is surely the completely overhauled AI jetway engine: The detection and jetway assignment got more efficient. The entire communication logic between SODE and its animation module is rewritten and should lead to more stability and has fixed a couple of CTDs related to SimObjectAnimationModule.dll.

Together with this release, the VDGS Pack has been updated to version 1.1, supporting more aircraft types and adding the “old” Honeywell VDGS unit. It is a free update for existing customers. (

Also, the SODEPlacer utility has received an update to version 0.6, see here:

A thank you goes out to all the users who have reported and helped tracking down the bugs and have tested the beta versions.

Full change log can be viewed here: changelog.