V1.3 Released for all Simulator Platforms!

With this release, major structural changes have been incorporated following the proposal of Lockheed Martin to install add-on content outside of the simulator’s root folder (see P3Dv3 Add-On SDK).

I decided to follow this for all simulators with the benefit that one single SODE installation will serve all platforms together! So no more individual installers copying the identical content to different places on your hard drive.

This makes everything much cleaner and easier to maintain.

Downside of this structural change is that already installed add-ons using SODE must update their content (folder structure) to make it compatible with the new SODE V1.3.

Also, the Jetway Control System has undergone a major change that all existing SODE Jetways must be recompiled using the new scripts in order to work with SODE V1.3. On the other hand, with the new logic, the annoying “pause-command issue” is gone! 🙂

Furthermore, SODE does not allow multiple instances of itself running at the same time, so no more multiple SODE processes in the process explorer!

All in all, this is a big release, but I hope it will make the usage far easier for the future.