The SimObject Display Engine (SODE) enables FSX/P3D scenery developers to control the display of their objects depending on certain conditions and/or triggers.

The software is released as “Donationware“. Feel free to donate if you like this module. You may use the module in commercial projects, a donation in this case is highly appreciated. Thank you!

SODE is written in C++ and compiled with the GNU Compiler Collection “gcc”.

Key Features:

  • Jetway Control System
  • Conditional display and animation, including separation planes
  • Triggerable display and animation
  • Controllable animation
  • Variable-driven rotation

Implementation ideas:

  • Seasonal display of objects
  • Windsocks
  • User triggered opening of hangar doors (no more frequency dialing!)
  • PAPI
  • Runway Lighting with advanced logic (low visibility, daytime)
  • Custom Jetways
  • etc…


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
SimObject Design EngineĀ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.