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    A quick question …… FSDT jetways @ KLAS for example do not move to AI whereas @ FB’s KSFOHD they do.

    Is this because FSDT does not include the required SODE models etc. in SODE’s ProgramData folder ?

    It disappoints me that the above occurs because it is not a performance hit that Umberto suspects in P3Dv4 … in FSX yes.

    Any advice to have those FSDT jetways connect (now that they are also being added elsewhere by GSX2) would be  appreciated.

    Thanks John



    Hey John,

    Jetways injected by GSX are not supported for AI detection. That’s because I don’t want to interfere with externally injected jetways since I don’t have control over them. I leave the entire triggering and control to the external app (GSX), SODE just drives the animation on request.



    Thanks for the note …… not unexpected though & disappointing to hear (given your SPM has the option for AI detection)

    I am losing interest in GSX1 given this & its incompatibility with “aircraft state” autodock. At least with FB, T2G,LVFR airports, it is manageable.

    Thanks for SODE  .. John


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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