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    Jetways at all My SODE airports are no longer docking to AI Aircraft.
    I have reinstalled it but its a no go
    I suspect it’s GSX. As you know at certain FSdreamteam airports like Houston, Docking to AI aircraft is disabled. I queried this with Umberto he
    “KIAH and GSX are intentionally made like this, because SODE jetways are VERY heavy on fps, if there are many of them working at the same time so, we do a lot of additional work in order to create a static version of the jetway, which is WAY faster, which will animate only after you select a gate with GSX with your own airplane so, only ONE SODE jetway will be visible at any given time, which helps quite a bit for the frame rate.

    In addition to that, since SODE jetways in our sceneries are controlled by GSX, we would have to completely change the way GSX works, and that will only achieve the in destroying your fps.”

    What I am wondering is has this feature now spread to non FS Dreamteam airports?



    No, GSX has no influence on SODE’s AI docking capability.
    However, it is true that for FSDT airports SODE is not able to drive the jetways for AI, because the jetways are injected by GSX/couatl. SODE only drives AI jetways that it has injected itself.

    So on non-FSDT SODE jetway airports, the feature should still work.
    Are you sure the setting is still active -> SODE Platform Manager -> Tools -> Settings -> Enable AI Traffic Detection?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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