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    I need to add a slope jway like this img attached.

    as you can see the back of jway is very tall, that the jway is really sloped.
    I try to place them usign SODE Placer 0.4 but raising altitude to have the back on the tallest point and sloping it by Bridge Dip can produce a sloped jway but with wheels not on ground (floating in the air I suppose because I’ve raised altitude to have the back hight).

    How I can do to place it correctly?

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    The next SODE version will support jetways that were raised using the altitude property. But the leg length is limiting then.

    However, the proper solution is to model the jetway with sufficient “base height” and the adjust the bridge dip value.
    So you have to create a new jetway in your modelling tool with enough height on the bridge starting point. You might need to adjust the leg lengths as well.



    my problem is not the leght of the jetway, but the wheel that remain “compressed” and not on the real apron floor.
    I suppose because the height of the jetways is unique and not for a single part (eg. base wheel)



    Offset placement altitudes are not supported by the current SODE version. So they must be placed always on the ground (0.0ft AGL).
    Any placement above ground elevation will result in wrong leg lengths, etc.



    next version of Sode can support this features…when this version could be relese?
    Meanwhile I’be to modify MDL with a Jway version with correct height.

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