New features in release V1.1.0

Version 1.1.0 fixes several bugs and introduces the following new features:

  • Custom DirectSound engine that enables wav files to be played along animations
  • Push-To-Talk (Aircraft Radio Mike) triggered objects as found in pilot controlled lighting scenarios

Also, the in-game text-menu is now called via the key-combination “Tab + S” (S for SODE), while the old command is still supported.

The pdf Developer Guide is now replaced by a new online documentation.

For more details, see the Change Log section in the online documentation.

Customization Options for Commercial Developers introduced in Version 1.0.4

Introduction of compiled custom file format in order to hide implementation details in the xml file.

For commercial developers, it is moreover possible to show a customized in-game window (bearing your company name for example), that only shows your scenery specific SimObjects as an option.

This update not needed if you are happy with 1.0.2, as it doesn’t add any other features.

Expect new features, such as Visual Docking Guidance System, in Version 1.1.0!

A first preview version of SODE released!

I am happy to announce the release of a preview version of the SimObject Display Engine. The intention is to give developers a chance to play with the module and to explore the possibilities it creates. Together with this release, an initial version of the user guide can be downloaded as well.

Furthermore, I decided to release the software as “Donationware“, meaning that it is generally free. Whereas I don’t expect any donations from freeware developers, it is highly appreciated if you use SODE in a commercial scenery. Thank you for your support!