ChangeLog DRAFT

Version 1.6.3
  • General
    • Fixed bug where sound could not be found due to the case-sensitive SimTitle
    • Fixed bug where GSX created SODE jetway would not move under certain circumstances
    • Fixed bug where an environmental data probe would not be reloaded and its associated client objects were lost
  • Jetway Control System
    • Fixed bug where in certain situations, the jetway is not properly initialized
    • Improved AI-to-Jetway assignment logic in case of multiple jetways and multiple doors
    • Added support for multi-jetway/multi-door operations for AI objects
    • Added support for automatic docking and undocking of jetways for the user aircraft. Two ways to trigger:
      • Manually via the SODE text-menu
      • Automatically using aircraft state variables (Parking brake set, all engines off, beacon off for docking; beacon on for un-docking)
    • Added check for crossing jetways when using auto-dock feature
    • Refactored and improved the entire jetway logic code
  • VDGS
    • Added MD-80 series and Concorde to list of supported aircraft
    • Fixed VDGS activation logic when aircraft is already parked at stand